AGI IT, Split
Office of a Swiss firm in Croatia. Offices designed for director, secretary, and a team of computer officers, including a conference room and small coffee shop.

AGROKOR, Zagreb, Cibona Tower, 12th Floor
Circular glass and linear partition walls for the purpose of an office, designed and performed in accordance with high esthetic and functional (acoustic) standards.

BELUPO, Koprivnica
Management offices of this pharmaceutical firm are equipped with exclusive leather upholstered custom furniture which represent leather craftsmanship and office furnishing at its best.

COMFORT, Hvar, Hunting area Pelegrin
Adaptation of the existing building, including the coastline, beach and yacht marina situated in the attractive Parja bay, designed for multi purposes, from offering comfort and providing privacy to the vacationers, to organizing large-scale entertainment. It comprises carefully selected functional details with the desire to create an oasis for people to relax in harmonious natural environment.

Dynamic working atmosphere has been created by wooden and partly glass partitions. Classic outline of the hall, intended exclusively for communication, is supplemented by the central area which assumes the predominant role in intensive activities: reception of clients, internal and external communications, communications with clients or meetings.

FLAMINGO TOURS, Zagreb, Kaptol centar
Tourist agency specialized for air-travel sales, shaped in a modern style with call-center, which simultaneously functions as a reception desk.

Management offices of a packaging manufacturer, furnished with system furniture and equipment which respects corporate color scheme, creating a highly productive yet relaxed atmosphere.

A small working place in a busy location was re-adapted by adding a few convenient functional details, thus turning it into an attractive specialized facility.

The interior design of the building reflects an interesting combination of classical concept and contemporary designed elements.

Business premises with strong focus given to its lighting. A gallery is added as well as carefully chosen details in the interior design.

Dining Club for VIP guests is decorated in a classical style. A pub with mini brewery, where guests can enjoy beer tasting while observing the process of beer production. Most of the interior design is custom-made.

Stock exchange office in the North Russia is designed according to the specific conditions and needs. Subsequent to its opening, the building has become a popular local attraction.

VELIN, Zagreb
Firm Headquarters create a unique working place while furnished with modern and functional system furniture and partitions adapted to specific needs.

HOUSE D, Zagreb
In a modern, recently built house on the slopes of Medvednica, a partition wall system provided a workable solution for division of functional units. The interior is equipped with new esthetic elements which do not disrupt the quality of the house.

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